Where you wanna go, brah? You could just pick the spot and let your app guide you. But maybe you need more than the fastest route to your local coffee shop and don’t even know it. As Senior Creative Director at LAI Video, I use my 10+ years of experience to help us explore new avenues, and who knows, we may even end up off the map. On this journey we will create more than just a video. Our creative visual media adventure will end with experiences you’ll want to watch and share. Because a stop at an offbeat roadside attraction like Foamhenge creates a bigger buzz than a morning cup of joe.

When I’m not driving LAI Video’s creative content-making RV, I’m at work for family and friends, turning their life’s moments into cinematic stories. Visual communication and documentation is not a career choice, it’s my way of life. Bringing my intimate docu-style storytelling techniques to each project consistently evokes the response, “Wow, that looks like a movie”. Every project, from crafting the perfect Instagram post to mapping out a multi-faceted video campaign, gets the same critical eye, the same creativity, and the same beard.

CONTACT: jpfavata@gmail.com


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